EB 5 Marketing for China

et's take a closer look at some of the factors that influence the decision of Chinese investors to apply for EB-5 legal residential status through U.S. investment, as China is currently one of the biggest markets for EB-5 investors.

To know how to sell to a Chinese investor, you must understand what a Chinese individual values when considering business to business or business to translation service company .

Since a potential investor would be considering the lifetime return on their input in a business development project, we'll look closer at business to business consumer characteristics.

Based on market research, Chinese B2B consumers tend to be focused on:

  1. The quality of a product or service
  2. Products or services backed by an established company with proven experience
  3. Reliability of delivery or service
  4. The clarity and directness of product or service offerings
  5. Whether or not the product or service addresses their needs, rather than its own benefits

While these apply to a B2B consumer, the ideas can be carried over into EB 5 marketing techniques. Before getting into how to incorporate some of these ideas, it is also important to research answers to a few more questions:

  • Is your audience more interested in residential or commercial properties?
  • What media sources do they use to research potential investments?
  • Is this the first time they are investing in the United States?
  • Which part of China are they from and what is their spoken language?

Knowing the answers to these questions from the start will help you prepare your marketing materials in a way that appeals to your Chinese investors, and in a way that lends itself to translation.

Confidence & Reliability of Service

As made clear by the standards of Chinese consumers, security and confidence in the success of the project are both large factors in the decision making process for EB5 investors.

Regional centers in particular will be able to leverage their experience funding a variety of EB-5 programs to promote their project as being backed by an established team. The more reputable and experienced the regional center, the more reliable the project will look to investors.

Otherwise, showcasing the track record of past developments, or other facts highlighting that the developer possesses a good reputation, will be necessary for instilling trust.

However, you can also portray confidence in the language you choose, and the aspects of the project you choose to highlight.

For example, it is likely that you would focus on the investor benefits of investing which will undoubtedly include information on the quality of your project in terms of its anticipated success and impact.

Ensure when doing this that the focus remains on what the project can do for the investors, as opposed to the project itself. Regardless of whether or not the project is considered "revolutionary" in some way, you will need to explain how that directly satisfies an investor's needs.

Reliability of the project can be incorporated into proven experience, but market projections and statistics can convey that information as well. Make sure that they are to the point, and don't over-exaggerate.

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